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Getting started with golf can appear to be very daunting and intimidating but with Paul's guidance you'll be walking the fairways faster than you would have thought. Learn all the skills to get you onto the first tee and beyond when you join the learn about golf academy. You will get regular instructional videos, chat to other beginners in our facebook group and ask us questions on our monthly webinars. The Academy membership has run at the golf club for a number of very successful years so decided it was about time to launch an online version. Take advantage of our pre launch offer of £150 for annual membership and you'll also get that for offer for your second year if you decide to renew after 12 months. And don't forget we off a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Launch Date 01/03/2018

If you are local and would rather join our Academy at the golf club the cost is £349 and includes the use of the golf course.


Always wanted to try it?

But didn't know how

Are you one of the many potential golfers around the world that have thought about having a go but just wasn't sure how to go about it. At first it can appear to be very daunting but we will guide you step by step covering everything you need to know, from what equipment do I need, how do I hold the club, rules and etiquette and lots more but you can learn at your own speed.

What will you learn





Rules & Etiquette

Playing the course

About Your Instructor

Paul  Johnson

Paul Johnson

PGA Golf Professional & Nike Swoosh Advisory Staff

And just a bit about me, I am a PGA Golf Professional based at Halesowen Golf Club in England and have been coaching for almost 30 years. During that time have helped many people of all ages and abilities take up the game and hopefully many of them are still playing today. Married to my wife Jay, who still doesn't play enough golf due to spending all her time looking after our three children who all play, the two lads who managed to get their handicaps into single figures and our daughter who has played on the Ladies European Tour for the last eleven years including two wins and the LPGA Tour for the last three.



Wherever I am in the world online coaching with Paul has helped me to two LET wins
Flic Johnson LPGA & LET Player
Paul has kept me going during my time playing this extremely frustrating game!
Harj Mahal Golf Club Member
I am now playing 18 holes and loving it thanks to the club academy membership
Maxine Burrows Club Academy Member


£19.99 / month Monthly Membership Subscribe £19.99 / month
£150.00 Pre-Launch Price Annual Subscription SAVE OVER £50 Buy Now

A great game for everyone

Get started

You won’t regret it!

Golf is a game for all - whatever your age, background or ability. As well as having fun in the fresh air, golf can help keep you active and healthy. 

Here’s 7 reasons why…

Game for the whole family
Golf is one of the few games the whole family can play together regardless of age, fitness, background or experience. The unique handicapping  system, which we will explain about, means family members of different abilities can play together either socially or competitively.

Spend time together
With time to talk between shots and the huge amount of fun involved in playing, golf is a perfect way for the family to spend quality time together. You’ll have something in common that will unite absolutely everybody in the family giving you all something to chat about and look forward to.

Outdoors and active
Playing golf takes you out into some beautiful, natural landscapes and encourages the whole family to get moving.  It’s a great way to get off the sofa, get active and take a stress-free break from email, phone and facebook.

Learn new skills
Golf helps develop lifelong skills beyond simply hitting a ball into the hole. These include working with and respecting others, leadership, listening and commitment. Learning something new is also great for keeping your brain healthy and your wellbeing on track.

Activity for the weekend or holidays
When you play golf, you’ll never be short of something to do with the family. No more ‘we’re bored’ – the whole family can meet together, catch up with news and have a great time. What’s not to like…

Lots of different ways to play
Golf isn’t just about completing 18-holes, 9-holes is a great way for the family to spend a couple of hours, offers all the game in half the time. There are also many different formats to keep everyone interested.

And it's Easy to get started

Just join the Learn About Golf Academy and start learning, but remember to do it at your own pace. We like to get you out on the course within 3 months, but everyone is different, so you can wait until you feel ready.

What you receive when you join


Instructional & Drills

You will receive regular weekly drip fed video's showing you everything from the very basics to how to play the course



Monthly webinars to discuss how you are progressing, ask questions and we will even analyse a few of your swings



Join the learn about golf community on our facebook group and chat with other players new to golf

So how does the course work?

Once you have signed up you will receive a personal welcome email & video.  You will also be sent a questionaire so we can find out some background information about you which will help us develop your game. For example, if you have any injuries that may restrict your movement, or have you played any previous sports that may have an impact on technique good and bad, but this will all become clear once you have started.

We will then drip feed videos on each aspect of the game starting with putting and moving through to the the driver. Plus all the other basics including some of  the rules that you need to know before you go out and play. 

We also want you to keep in touch and let us know how its going, if there is anything you are struggling with we will jump in and give you a little extra help as well as guidance on how to practice and where to go. 

Once you have started to play on the course we will continue to send you videos as there will still be many things to learn. 

And keep us informed of how its going, the good and the bad so we keep sending you the correct videos. It will be very frustrating at times but also amazing when its going well.

Let's get started!

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£19.99 / month Monthly Subscribe £19.99 / month
£150.00 Pre-Launch Price Annual Subscription SAVE OVER £50 Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for me?

Golf is a game for all, whatever your age, background, ability or disability. As well as having fun in the fresh air, playing golf helps you stay fit and look and feel well.  Golf is a great game for all the family and can be played into your twilight years, so it’s never too late to start…

Playing golf can bring some impressive health and wellbeing benefits that can help you look and feel at your best. This increasingly popular sport combines, the core ingredients that doctors recommend for optimum physical and mental health and wellbeing.

How much does it cost and what equipment do I need?

Golf does not need to be expensive and like any other sport you can spend as little or as much as you like. We will run through equipment on one of the first videos but to give you some idea, the minimum would be a driver, no 9 iron and a putter although we would recommend you  had a few more.

How long will it take before i can go and play on a course?

Everyone is different, although we do try and get you onto the course as quickly as possible even if it is only to play a few holes to begin with. 

Where will the beginners golf breaks be?

These are in the planning stages and we are trying find suitable venues and we will be looking at where are members are from and try and find ones that suit everyone. They will consist of coaching and playing the course, and we will make sure the course is beginner friendly. They will also give you a great opportunity to meet up with fellow beginners and have a great time.

Can I cancel My Membership?

Of course, once you have had your first hole in one! You are not tied in to any contract so if you are paying monthly and feel you no longer require your membership you can cancel at any time, but we would like you to let us know why so that we can keep on improving the course, just remember once you are not a member you will not be able to access any of the videos, webinars or Facebook group.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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