Learn How To Play Golf

  • Content

    Regular weekly drip fed content covering everything from technique through to what you should wear in an easy to understand style.

  • Community

    Be part of an online community of golfers to communicate with, ask questions and share your experiences.

  • PGA Coach

    Your own PGA Coach to help you through every stage of learning and on hand to answer any questions direct or through the webinars and community group.

  • Cost

    Learn About Golf Membership gives you access to a community and structured learning programme. An average face to face lesson is over £30, making learn about golf fantastic value.

  • Time

    Too busy to book a regular golf lesson? Learn online at your own pace with our academy courses plus and option to video your swing anytime, anywhere and send to Learn About Golf 24/7 and just wait for the delivery of your lesson.

  • Personal

    Not everyone likes to stand on a range in full view of other golfers during their lesson, and many players get very nervous when having a lesson. Online coaching takes all these fears away.

Learn to Play Golf in 2020

Step by Step 12 Month Learning Programme

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What you get.....

Structured learning programme to give you all the skills and knowledge to play golf

  • Weekly drip fed information to help bring you to give you the basic skills ready for the golf course

  • Access to our private members facebook group

  • Quarterly live Q&A webinars

  • Monthly or yearly online access

  • Dedicated email support

  • Option to purchase discounted one to one video lessons

  • 30 day money back guarantee



How to pay - £20/month or £159 yearly

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Beginners Academy

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  • How does it work?

    Once you have signed up you will start to receive drip fed instruction from our next launch date of 1st March 2020, your 12 months starts from then. But we will be in contact before then to get to know you.

  • What happens if I cannot hit the ball?

    Golf can be very frustrating and you will miss the ball on occasions but hopefully that will soon become a thing of the past. That is one of the reason we are starting to teach you the short shots first.

  • How good will I be after 12 months?

    We always say it takes most people at least 12 months before they are starting to feel confident about going onto the golf course. Everyone is different, for example someone who has played various sports over the years will generally have an ability to strike the ball from day one, although not necessarily in the right direction. If you have not played many other sports you may be slightly slower to begin with but following the instruction you will soon start to improve.

  • Where do I play?

    To start with a lot of your practice will take place at home or at your local driving range before progressing onto a golf course. If you are not sure where to go let us know and we can look into your local area and get back to you with your best options.

  • How much is the golf equipment I need?

    Tough question! You can start off with just with a couple of clubs but if you are serious about it then you can get a good starter set for between £150 and £300. Then over time you will need a few accessories such as golf balls, tees, perhaps a glove and some golf shoes but we will cover all of this as we go along. As a learnaboutgolf member you will be able to purchase equipment at prices lower better than online to add even more value to your membership.

  • What happens after 12 months?

    Hopefully you will have really enjoyed your first 12 months and are going to continue. You may decide you are going to head off on your own and hope that you continue to improve or you may decide you would still like our guidance as there is still so much to learn. We have second year option which as well as many of the same features as your first year also includes some one to one coaching.