How does it work?

  • In person

    If you are having the introductory lesson in person at Halesowen Golf Club it lasts for 30 minutes and is bookable in advance.

  • Online

    If you are having your lesson online, we will ask what aspect of you game you would like to improve and send you the instructions of how to send us the videos of your swing.

  • What will get?

    Whether you have your lesson online or in person you will receive a full video analysis of your golf swing including practice drills.

Why should I have an Introductory Golf Lesson?

Perhaps you have never had a lesson before and just want to see if anything can be done to help you play better golf. We will ask you a few questions about your game to find out what part of your game you would like to improve. You may just want to find out why your game is so inconsistent or you'd love to fix that slice you have had for years. Once we have found out what you would like to achieve we will ask you to send us some videos of your golf swing for us to analyse if you are having your lesson online. If its in person the lesson will be either in our indoor simulator or on the practice area.
Why should I have an Introductory Golf Lesson?

Introductory Golf Lesson

If purchasing for a present you will be able to download the voucher and either email or print out and give to the recipient.

Introductory Golf Lesson

If you live locally and would like to book your lesson at Halesowen Golf Club click below